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Parenting in early childhood is a challenge. We know, we struggle with these challenges too! Add to that all the confusing and contradictory information. We believe that by understanding child development, we’ll be able to create happy homes and decrease the stress of parenting. We’ll bring our experiences as developmental pediatricians and as parents to help you. We are in this with you.

masterclass on emotional regulation in kids

Tantrums. Stress. Hitting. “Bad” behavior.

If you are facing these challenges, know that you are not alone. There ARE effective and science-backed methods to help you deal with these parenting challenges.

Learn a step-by-step method that you can use to help your child deal with big feelings and cope with stress. Brought to you by the developmental and behavioral pediatricians from the Dev Peds Village team.

We’re here to help you with these topics!

Parenting and Mom Life

Medical Conditions Affecting Development

The early childhood years are very short. Make them a happy time.

At Dev Peds Village, we believe that a good understanding of child development is necessary for a happy home and family life. Many stresses in parenting are caused by not understanding child development. We try to make kids do things that are not developmentally appropriate. We misinterpret normal behaviour as misbehavior. There is so much confusion and conflicting information out there. We will help you sort this out. 

Featured Course

Webinars on Early Childhood Development

Trying to toilet train? Struggling to feed a picky eater? Tired all day because your child doesn’t sleep well? Confused about what to do next to help your child with speech delay? Developmental pediatricians discuss these in a series of webinars. 

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