About Us

Our blog exists to help parents of babies and young kids deal with concerns related to child development and behavior. We’ll talk about normal development, behavior, positive discipline, special needs children, and practical things that parents can do in the first five years of life to help their kids grow up to be happier and more successful.

Apply Child Development to Everyday Life

Many parenting problems come from expecting a child to do something that is not appropriate for his developmental level. 

We’ll have articles on normal child development and what to expect at the different ages. We’ll also talk about what this means for your everyday life as a parent with a child that age.

At the same time, we’ll point out when a behavior or when the lack of a skill is no longer normal, and when you need to tell your pediatrician about it.

Simplify and Enjoy Parenting

Mom life is all about juggling. We’ll help you decide which of the things on your to do list, and which of the things that the internet says you should do, are actually important. We will base this on what is developmentally appropriate, and what research and the evidence shows.

Our goal is to help you identify these non essential things that are stressing you out, so that you have the time and energy to focus on the things that matter.

Advocate for Special Needs Children

Our professional lives are spent working with children with special needs and their families. If you are the parent of a special needs child, we will have articles as well as links to articles that will help you.

It is our hope that we will develop and help you discover materials that can guide you as you seek the best care, therapy and educational options for your child.

Why did we start this site?


We wanted to make child development science easy to understand.

Everything we put on this site is the product of our combined three decades of experience in working with children in our profession. We continually review the latest scientific studies, evaluate the evidence, and present it in a way that is easy to understand. We then take all of this and combine it with our own experience as parents too. 


We wanted to create a community.

We grew up in the Philippines, in villages called barangays, at a time when kids spent hours playing and running around. We noticed that kids today don’t have those experiences anymore. But we hope that through a similar “village” of resources in this site, we can help your young kids have similar experiences, while boosting their brain development and the whole family’s mental health too!

Our Team

Dr. Janys

Toronto, Canada

Dr. Jack

Bulacan, Philippines

Dr. Victoria

Manila, Philippines

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